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Ludwig is the master of color! I've been going to him for five years and I've never not loved my hair afterwards (and I've had a lot of different colors). He'll make sure he understands exactly what you want and will make suggestions if necessary- and he's always right... He'll do anything not to damage your hair too. I went to a different salon to acompany a friend and the stylists working there wanted Ludwig's info cause they loved my hair. (it doesn't get better than that...)
And while you'll on the chair, you'll have the time of your life- he's hilarious! Very reasonable prices too.
Justyna  M.
Chicago IL.

Ludwig is the only man on the planet who has never disappointed me. Eleven years ago I got a killer haircut from this man and now I would never go anywhere else. Cut & color from a really fun guy with great music to listen to, as well
Laura S.
Chicago IL.

Go to Ludwig.
I just got my hair cut by Ludwig a couple of weeks ago and man, let me tell you, I'm sold. As you can see from my posting history, I'm more of a yelp creeper than poster, but I want to get the word out about his mad skills. For years I had been getting my hair cut at beauty schools to save money (hey, how are they supposed to get good if they don't practice?), but since graduating from college I figured it was time to visit someone that had some serious experience. After getting recommendations from more than one person, I visited Ludwig in his cozy little studio. I loved everything about the experience, from the haircut (ESPECIALLY the haircut--I haven't enjoyed my hair this much, well, ever), to the music he played, to the ambiance of the studio, to (of course) Ludwig himself. He's quite the funny guy. Oh, and from what I understand, he's a whiz with color, too!
Juli L.
Chicago IL.

I saw a friend of a friend and said "I LOVE your hair!" She said "Go to Ludwig, he'll take care of you!"

She was right! After 15 years with the same stylist I've now had my hair cut twice by Ludwig. The first time he played it a little safe but I still got a great cut. Two months later I came back and said I want something fun, more layers. I walked out with exactly what I had hoped for, even better!!

The online appointment system is great, service is perfect, price is very reasonable. What more could you hope for...

E. C
Chicago IL.

I was nervous to say the least to try a new hair stylist and wow, this was this a great experience. Ludwig was not only kind, relaxed and sweet, but also I got a fantastic hair cutting. The style, and his understanding of hair was five star. I am so happy that I now have a hairstylist that I am looking forward to seeing!!!

Sally W.
Chicago IL.

I tried a number of new people recently for hair cut and style and I'm sold on Ludwig. I'll be seeing him from now on. Although all the cuts were good, Ludwig is especially skilled, friendly and fun. He has a way of working with the natural flow of my hair that makes the cut very low maintenance and I've loved how it has grown out. I highly recommend him!

Linda B.
Chicago IL.

Ludwig has been cutting my hair for more than 10 years. The haircuts are always excellent. On top of it, he's a wonderful person too. You pay more than the discount places, but you get a fantastic hair cut. He's worth it and so are you
Joe Z.
Chicago IL.

I engage in a lot of international travel for my work so I've had my hair cut in many different cities and countries. My favorite hair stylist is Ludwig in Chicago @ Hair Ludwig. I've never been disappointed in his work and always enjoy his delightful personality and the friendly atmosphere of his cozy shop. He is a true professional, talented and not the least bit arrogant about it. I used to dread the experience of being surprised by what a stylist would decide to do to my hair; after finding Ludwig I look forward to the next visit.
Marlena N.
Chicago IL.

I have been going to Ludwig for close to eight years and I absolutely love him. I wear my hair very short and bleach it platnium blonde. It is so hard to find someone that really knows how to give a great haircut and do color properly, no less the ability to give a great short cut. I can say with all honesty that I have NEVER in the time I have been going to Ludwig, been unhappy or even slightly disappointed. Unless he drops dead or I do (God forbid), there will never be another stylist that gets near my goldy locks
Marlene F.

Ludwig is so great! He will tell you honestly what cut will be best for you (male or female). He can give you a current style or something that is familiar and comforttable for you, whichever you prefer.

He is the best.

Deane G. Chicago.

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